RF Amplifiers

DC to 110GHz

We provide a broad range of standard & custom RF amplifiers to meet your project needs.

Coaxial, waveguide, and SMT
GaN, GaAs, and LDMOS
LNAs, PAs, Drivers, and Gain Blocks
ITAR and ISO9001

For High Performance Designs

Cutting edge RF amplifier suppliers

LDMOS / GaN transistors & devices up to 6GHz and 1700 watts
SSPAs, standard and custom connectorized modules up to 18GHz and 30kW
MmW LNAs & PAs for radar & communication systems. Freq 18GHz to 110GHz
GaAs and GaN RF FETs and amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, hybrid, and connectorized RF modules up to 50GHz. Space Qualified products.
Standard and custom MMIC gain blocks and amplifiers. DC-26GHz
GaAs MMIC gain blocks, PA drivers, mixers, and LNAs. Hi linearity, low noise up to 12GHz
GaAs & GaN based power, low noise & limiting amplifiers. Freq 500MHz to 40GHz.
GaAs, GaN, FET & MMIC LNAs and PAs up to 100GHz. Space Qualified products.
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