Global leading supplier of M2M modules & solutions

SIMCom offers high quality, scalable, and secure cellular modules for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets with demanding size, cost, and quality requirements. Supported cellular technologies provide global geographic coverage and include 2G, 3G, NB IoT, LTE‑M, LTE Cat 1 and 4G LTE modules.
Modules For A Connected World
SIMCom makes it easy to embed and deploy cellular module solutions with a family form factor approach and feature sets designed to meet a broad range of IoT applications. With robust R&D, we make investments in components that ensure longevity and outstanding performance. Our Qualcomm-based modules are designed to fully leverage networks around the world. We continue to pioneer the next generation of IoT as we did with the launch of the world’s first 5G module in 2019, the SIM8200EA-M2 series.
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