Our Lines

RF Associates, Inc. represents diverse lines of RF related devices and components from World Class manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology. We provide our customers with “one stop shopping” along with access to engineering support and a reputation for exceptional customer service.

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Leading edge microwave design organization. Products include die and packaged power FETs, MMIC power, amplifiers, as well as high power amplifier modules with RF & DC Connectors. In addition to the standard products, custom designed MMIC & Hybrid circuits can be provided.
Multi-layer capacitors: low ESR, Hi-Q, RF/mW, freq to 77GHz, sizes down to 10050, values thru 47uF; Antenna: ceramic, flex to 77GHz; Flex Battery technology; Ceramic packaging.
LDMOS / GaN transistors & devices up to 6GHz and 1700 watts. Applications for aerospace, defense, mobile broadband, broadcast, RF energy, ISM markets.
Best-in-class MMIC devices: Gain Blocks/Amps, DigitallyTuned Filters, Attenuators, Switches, Splitters/Couplers inQFN pkgs. DC-26GHz; custom MMICs and EVBs available
Coaxial & waveguide passive RF/mW products: couplers, attenuators, phase shifters, terminations. Standard / stock and custom including WG plumbing, components & adapters. Freq DC to 40 GHz. Space qualified products.
Components: Amplifiers (LNAs), Multipliers, Mixers, DROs, Couplers, Detectors, Dividers, Attn., Terminations; DC to 40GHz. Space Qualified products. SatCom: Converters, LNA Assemblies, Redundancy Switchover Units, Video Modems (small form factor).
Solid state PAs, switches, limiters, and integrated Mw assemblies. Standard and customized products; connectorized modules and rack-mountable systems. Freq 1MHz-18GHz, Po from 1W to > 30kW.
Crystals, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, VCTCXOs & PLLs inleaded and SMT packages. Stratum timing ICs and modules standard/custom solutions.
RF & Microwave coaxial connectors, adapters, cables & assemblies. Freq DC to 67GHz. Interfaces include SMA thru SMP/SMPSM, 2.4/2.92mm and more. Phase stable, low-loss, high power, low-profile bending cables.
Electro-mechanical switches: Freq DC to 40Ghz, throws to 12T, transfer and switch matrices. Custom designs and variety of options. Hi-rel life-cycle, commercial and Mil screened. KEYSIGHT drop-in replacements.
PCB manufacturer specializing in blind / buried vias, >24+ layers, 2 mils lines/spaces; aspect ratio 15:1. ITAR/ISO/AS9100C, Mil-31032/55110 qual. NADCAP certified. Quick turn services available.
GaAs MMIC gain blocks, PA drivers, mixers, and LNAs featuring industry leading linearity and low noise performance. Freq 500MHz -12GHz. AVAGO: EOL replacements.
MmW LNAs, PA, mixers, detectors, oscillators, switches, transmitters, receivers & transceivers for radars, communications systems. Freq 18GHz -110GHz.
GaAs & GaN based power, low noise & limiting amplifiers, converters & multipliers, transceivers. Freq 500MHz-40GHz.
Outdoor & in-building multi polarized antennas used in LTE, WiMAX, Mobile, MIMO, WLAN and Wi-Fi systems. Fixed and mobile,stand alone or embedded applications. Freq 138MHz up-to 10.65GHz, 28GHz and60GHz.
RF, microwave absorber & EMI materials availablein sheet stock; custom die-cut, liquid form for spraying or dipping, caulkingand inks. Freq 1MHz-40GHz.
Micro-D and Nano style micro-miniature, high-densityconnectors & cable assemblies. Plastic & metal shells are qualified toM83513 specs.
GaAs and GaN RF FETs and amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, hybrid, and connectorized RF modules for mil/aerospace and commercial applications. Freq up to 50GHz. AVAGO: EOL replacements. Space Qualified products.
Custom RF & mW filters & assemblies: BP/LP/HP LC, ceramic, Xtal in SMT andminiature package; SW filter banks, multi/diplexer assemblies. ISO 9001certified. Freq DC to 18GHz. Space Qualified products.
(Formerly Peregrine) Ultra-CMOS SOIC:PLLs, mixers,DSAs, prescalers, limiters,& switches. Freq DC to 60GHz. Multi–function devices.
EMI and thermal management products: physical vapor deposition services, thermal interface materials, Form-in-Place (FIPs) &mold in place EMI and environmental gaskets.
Precision chip resistors & networks, multi-layer capacitors, thermal pads, current sense resistors, power resistors,attenuators, chip equalizers & filters, delay lines. Freq up to 40GHz;Sizes down to 01005.
GaAs, GaN, FET & MMIC Devices; LNAs, power amps, VCOs,mixers, multipliers & converters; design & foundry services. Freq2-100GHz. Space Qualified products.